Cradled in the mountains between France and Spain is the small but perfectly formed principality of Andorra. Small the country may be, but it packs a big punch gastronomically! With over 400 restaurants and numerous bars in the country, you can safely say that the Andorrans love their food. We at CuriosiTours, have prepared some special tours of Andorra to allow you to dive right in to the local cuisine, wines and beers. Learn more about the history of Andorra, its customs and traditions all whilst sampling some amazing food and drinks as well as meeting new people from around the world.

Looking for something different and fun to do in Andorra? On our unique tours of Andorra’s hidden gems you’ll experience authentic local cooking and wines you’ve never tried before. Meet the people who make them and learn more about the history of Andorra, its customs and traditions as well as meeting new people from around the world.

Taste of Andorra Walking Tour

Take a guided walk around Europe’s highest capital city, Andorra la Vella, stopping in a variety of very distinctive places where you will try yummy local products and very typical dishes. Get to know the city, learn about the country, meet new people and of course, fill your belly!

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Vineyards & Views

There is evidence to show that Andorra has been producing wine since before the 12th century, however it is only over the past 15 years or so that commercial producers have been making quality, high-altitude wines. Accompany us on an exclusive, private tour visiting two of the gorgeous vineyards responsible for some exciting developments in the wine industry here to taste the fruits of their labour and marvel at the breathtaking scenery.

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Walking Wine Tour Andorra

Join us on an entertaining evening wine excursion where we will visit 3 very different places in Andorra la Vella to meet some of the local wine experts. You will have the privilege to taste some of the delicious wines from nearby terroirs in France and Spain. Also, get an exclusive taste of a limited production, high-altitude Andorran wine and discover more about wine-making in the country.

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Wine & Tapas Experience

This entertaining evening experience will allow you to explore both wines and some delicious traditional dishes. First, a guided wine tasting with a professional sommelier at a great new bodega in the centre. Then a delectable tapas feast, with more wine of course, at one of Andorra’s most iconic restaurants.

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Tailor Made Andorran Experience

Don’t see anything inspiring so far? Feel like something tailor-made for you? Here at CuriosiTours we can put together a tour to your requirements. Whether it’s a guided tour of one of Andorra’s museums followed by a luxurious soak in an award winning spa, topped off by an unforgettable evenings dining; or any combination of the many wonderful experiences available here in Andorra. Sporty, cultural, relaxing or culinary, we can organise something memorable. 

About Us

CuriosiTours was born out of a genuine love and appreciation for Andorra and the surrounding areas of Catalonia and Southern France.

The CuriosiTours guide Abi has developed our tours with visitors to the country in mind. With her extensive experience, she is passionate about giving guests an unforgettable experience. We know that what really makes our tours are the local people. The characters you’ll meet on our tours are the real stars as far as we are concerned! They are the genuine champions of the produce and experiences that give this small country such a big flavour.

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Romantic Restaurants

So, you would like to treat your partner, and yourself of course to a romantic dining experience but where are the best places in Andorra to go for an unforgettable meal? The kind of ‘let’s get dressed up and hit the town to wine and dine ourselves place’. A ‘yes...

Calçotada Season In Full Swing

There are many, many reasons why I am in love with Andorra and the Pyrenees. Many of them are culinary I am not ashamed to admit and it is with no little glee that I am writing about the first Calçotada we have been to of the year. To begin, I must explain what a...

Cinema in Andorra

Cinema Illa The cinema located in the Illa shopping centre in Andorra la Vella regularly shows movies in English. If you’re on holiday in Andorra and are looking for something chilled to do with your family, friends or partner in the evening then this could be a good...